Human Resource Development

“Photonics Hills”

A historical hub for science of light in Japan, Osaka University is home to the greatest number of optical researchers in the country, who represent the entire spectrum of subfields, including spectroscopy, photochemistry, bio-optics, and more. And now, under the keyword of “photonics,” we have established a framework for accelerated innovation by organically setting up three projects within the Photonics Center: PARC aims to achieve industrial innovation through industry-academia collaboration, the Photonics-based Eco-Life-Technology Development Center promotes the development of environmental, energy, and healthcare technologies, and the Advanced Nano Photonics Research and Education Center in Asia conducts photonics research and education for the Asian region and the entire world. Going forward, at this Photonics Center we will create new photonics-based industries so that the hills of Senri might come to be known as “Photonics Hills,” or a hub of photonics business.

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