Human Resource Development


One of the missions upheld by the Photonics Center is to develop young researchers who seek the fusion of advanced technologies with photonics serving as a core. Accordingly, the Photonics Center has organized e-learning courses as Photonics Course and Photonics Entrepreneur Course with the goal of developing future researchers.

Enter e-learning system

[Merits of the e-learning Photonics Course]

Advanced Content
Attractive scenarios for learners, experienced faculty teaching staff, and exhaustive information that merit repeated study—all of these factors serve to stimulate learners’ desire to “look again and delve further.”
Video Library
Being on the “cutting edge” of advanced fusion fields, there are only a limited number of chances to learn about such pioneering subjects. As a learning tool, the video library will provide such opportunities and enhance the learning experience.
Learners encounter researchers from many other academic disciplines. This course encourages learners to discover for themselves research themes that cannot be solved with knowledge from a single field or areas that need to be fused together, thereby cultivating their competency as independent researchers.
Any time, as many times as you need
Learners may access the course online at any time of the day. Since the videos are segmented into less than 20 minute sections, learners will not grow tired of repeated studying.