About Phonics Center

[MEXT] Photonics Advanced Research Center

What is PARC in Osaka?

In 2007, among the competition, Osaka University was awarded and granted by the Ministry of Education (MEXT) of Japan to run a program for the realization of innovation centers of advanced technologies fusion with special coordination of regional Industry and university. There are other 8 programs bunting now in Japan. The program continues till 2016. Osaka's proposal was the promotion of Photonics, in particular Nanophotonics and Plasmonics, with five partner companies from industry. The program is called Photonics Advanced Research Center (PARC) program lead by the President of University, who appointed Professor Satoshi Kawata as the Executive Director of the Center. Through the intensive promotion and activities, the center becomes one of three major programs of Photonics Center of University.


[Program Chair]

Shojiro NISHIO, President of Osaka University


Yasushi INOUYE, Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience

[Advisory Committee]

  • Shinji MURAI (The Chair)
  • Kazunobu TANAKA
  • Eiichi MARUYAMA
  • Hideo MIYAHARA
  • Sukekatsu USHIODA

[Steering Committee]

  • Toshihiro TANAKA (The Chair)
  • Yasushi Inouye
  • Mitsuo KITAOKA
  • Mototaka TANETANI
  • Hideki MURAYAMA
  • Toshihiro FUJITA
  • Eiichi TAMIYA
  • Hiroyuki KOUNO
  • Masahiro ODA
  • Hiroshi IWASAKI
  • Kinya SAKAI

University-Industry Mutual Collaboration System

We construct the mutual collaboration system between university and industry by sharing same research space in the Photonics Center.

Partner Companies

  • Sharp Corporation
  • Nitto Denko Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research Center, Inc.

Creating Photonics Innovation

We are promoting the commercialization of innovative products from university and are creating emerging industries and markets.

Human resource development for innovation

We are focusing to develop human resources for creating innovation by promoting internship as well as double-degree doctor course.