About Phonics Center

[METI] Light Eco-life Project

Under the framework of this subsidized project, the Photonics Center Building has been constructed in order to conduct joint R&D for practical application / industrialization of photonics-based eco-life technology. Tapping into its advanced technology in the fields of photonics, Osaka University teams up with private businesses to conduct work on fusion projects in such areas as health/environmental analysis, healthcare, environment, and energy. The Center will perform its photonics-based eco-life demonstrative research using the intelligent LED illumination system installed throughout the building.

Photonics-based eco-life target technologies

  • Photon measurement/imaging technology (key to bio-information and environmental analysis) / The world’s first nano optical microscope, 3D molecular imaging technology (Nano Molecular Imaging Technology
  • Succeeded in developing the world’s first nano molecular imaging).
  • Development of plastic recycling robots that make use of laser sensing technology (collaborated with IDEC)(Six different kinds of plastics, including polyethylene and polypropylene, are sorted by laser for ease of recycling).

Human resources development

  • Osaka University and private businesses join together to develop superior doctors for the future. (“Industry on Campus” concept)

Future plans

  • Through cooperation with national/public research institutions and local governments, joint research with private businesses will be accelerated by leveraging connections formed during previous projects and a special district will be established within the university by gathering together businesses and research laboratories.
  • A core function in “Photonics Hills”

Expected outcomes/impact

  • Create a photonics-based eco-life industry estimated to be \1,400 billion market (as of 2015)