Nano-functional Photonics

Nano-functional Photonics

International Joint Research Promotion Program, Osaka University (平成26ー33年(継続予定)

Nano-functional Photonics: study of new nano optical/photonic functions originating from the interaction of photon and nano-structured materials

Project leader, Prof. Satoshi Kawata of Osaka University and Prof. Zhouheir the field of physics, chemistry, biotechnology, electrotechnology and devices. Sekkat of the Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation and Thus, we build research and educational networks to foster young talented Research (MAScIR) promote joint research on Nano-functional Photonics in nano-photonics researchers as a first step to establish an international joint lab.

Fiscal 2014 7 203 14 70
Fiscal 2015 4 411 1 62
Fiscal 2016 7 125 1 11
合計 18 739 16 143

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