JSPS Advanced Nano Photonics Research and Education Center in Asia

JSPS Advanced Nano Photonics Research and Education Center in Asia

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Asian CORE Program(2011-2015)

[Japanese Core Institution]Osaka University

[Chinese Core Institution]Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science

[Taiwanese Core Institution]Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinca

[Singapore Core Institution]The Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies, Nanyang Technological University

[Coordinator]Satoshi Kawata, Photonics Center, Osaka University

Osaka University's Photonics Center has teamed up with leading universities and research institutions in Asia to form a center of advanced nanophotonics research and education in Asia, where a diverse group of researchers engaged in cross-sectoral advanced photonics research involving physics, chemistry, medical science, and electric engineering will be assembled. Our goal is to create a research network to lead research in the field of photonics, which underpins the science and technology of the 21st century. We expect that this project will help researchers and students to: 1) develop individual expertise in their respective fields, broaden their multidisciplinary views of photonics, and acquire the capability to share their research findings with the world; and 2) develop the competency required for research exchange and joint research with a diverse range of international researchers from various cultural/social backgrounds, along with networking abilities. In so doing, the Center aims to develop young researchers who are capable of conducting internationally viable and pioneering photonics research for future generations.  

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[Total dispatched/accepted number of persons and total man/day]

Year dispatched/accespted man/day
Fiscal 2011 97 610
Fiscal 2012 71 979
Fiscal 2013 62 1299
Fiscal 2014 54 662
Fiscal 2015 79 696
Total 363 4246