[Report] 55th Colloquium was held on 8th January, 2019

We held 55th colloquium on 8th January, 2019. In this colloquium, we had the honor to invite tenant company and institute, Mr. Keiji TADA from Furuno Electric CO., LTD and Specially Appointed Associate Professor Liu LI from Cardiovascular Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University. They gave lectures about their research and participants listened intently because they may rarely have chance to listen to lecture of different field. Because two of great speaker expounded their research activities so that everybody could understand, we got a lot of questions from participants in Q&A session. Several students joined this event and they answered it was a good opportunity to know what is like research activities in companies and actual cases that photonics technology is used. We would like to appreciate for the two of special guest speakers and participants.